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Valentine's Day Roses: Colors and Meanings


Among the most popular fresh cut flower, roses are a beautiful, timeless and classic gift. Roses have been given as gifts for hundreds of years to convey a private message without words. Each color of rose has its own meaning -- see our chart below to find the perfect color to convey your message. 

Rose Color                           Meaning 

Love and romance. A classic way to say "I love you". The red rose has been the traditional symbol of beauty and perfection.  

Passion and desire. Orange roses are vibrant in color and send a message of playful attraction.
True friendship. Yellow roses send a warm, joyful message of love between true friends and close family. 
Purity and innocence. The white rose is traditionally used as a symbol of new beginnings. 
Love at first site. Lavender or purple roses are a symbol of enchantment.
Elegance and admiration. Pink roses are feminine and graceful, offering a message of joy, kindness and admiration.


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